Creating an Online Business
The 10-Week Online Business Course

Creating an online business is not witchcraft, neither is it rocket science. It's a skill. A skill that you can learn in this 10-week online business course aimed at individuals and small businesses.

You bring the motivation, the desire to succeed, your hobbies or passion, your time and a hefty dose of effort. I bring my enthusiasm for creating an online business, my love of teaching, my passion to help you succeed at your goals,(and a hefty dose of work as well!).

I also bring a course that's taught successfully all over the world; a structured, well-documented course that helps you make the most of your time, that helps you realise your dreams. Along with the tuition you get all the tools you need to research the market, assess the competition, make the right decisions and build your website.

Follow my lead and at the end of your course, you'll have your internet business up and ready to go places.

Who Is This Course For?

This course is for anyone who wants to build an online business. You could be a complete beginner, maybe with an idea for an online business. But even if you have no fixed idea - or several that you can't choose between - this course can help you find and develop the one that's right for you.  Or you could be the owner of an offline business, who wants to take advantage of the the biggest marketplace on the planet.

What Will You Learn?

The course lasts for 10 weeks and during that time I'll hand-hold you through the process of creating an online business of your own. If you have some ideas, please bring them. But if you don't know what your business should be about, don't worry. We'll sort that one out soon enough!

During the course we will:

  • research suitable topics for your business based on your knowledge, hobbies, interests or offline busines activities
  • assess the competition and income potential of your idea
  • build a blueprint for your business
  • begin building your business website

You will also learn how to market your site, increase traffic, monitor your visitors and build beneficial relationships with them. I teach you how to find methods to monetise your site and how to implement them successfully, helping you to turn your efforts into a steady income.

Please read the course details page to find out in more detail what is covered in each lesson.

The course is half taught, half hands-on. You'll spend about half of each class working on your own business idea, putting into practise the principles we've discussed earlier in class. At the end of each lesson you will receive home work assignments to complete before the next session - again, working on your own business idea. These should take about 8-10 hours of your time each week, but they'll ensure that your business gets off to a good start.

You will receive detailed course notes and handouts to help you with your work. Part of the course is also a 1-year subscription to Site Build It!, the business building tool I use in class to teach you. And when you're not in class I'll answer any questions you may have about creating an online business by email.

Interested? Want to Know More?

This course is taught at local adult education colleges, or privately in small groups. In a college setting, we have computer equipment available, but are limited by the time we can spend in the lab. We also have to stick to the college's timetable - like half-term breaks - even though most colleges are very helpful and flexible if they are able.

When taking the course privately, you need to bring your own laptop computer to work on your business idea. On the plus side, we can run the course at a speed that suits you and your circumstances. This method is especially useful for existing busines owners wanting to take their business online.

Check out this page for the questions potential students most frequently ask.