Online Business Basics
The Seminar for Online Business Newbies

You're planning your next holiday - a road trip through a part of England you've never been to. You pick up a map and plan your route; decide on the places you want to see and work out where you would stay.

Building an online business is no different.

If you've never been down this road before, you'll want to find out where it will take you. You'll want to know your options; which fork in the road to take, where to turn off or when to carry on. You'll want to know which steps to take and when to take them. You may want to check out what you need to bring and where you can stop and rest.

Online Business Basics has been designed to answer all these questions ... and any others you can think of.

Who Is It For?

Online Business Basics is aimed at three types of students:

  • Existing business owners without a website
    You have a local business and think of taking this online. You want to increase your income and maximise the efforts you've already put into your business.

  • Existing business owners disappointed with the performance of their business website
    You have built (or had built for you) a business website. But instead of generating income, your site only costs you money. You want a site that draws in customers and generates income.

  • Absolute beginners
    You are thinking about starting an online business, but you know little about internet realities. You want to find out how online business works and what you would need to do to realise your dreams.

During the Online Business Basics seminar we'll discuss:

  • how online business and offline business differ
  • why so many online businesses fail to produce results
  • how to choose the right niche for your online business
  • the importance of keywords and how to find the most valuable ones for your niche
  • how to assess online competition
  • how to build traffic by marketing your site the right way
  • why and how to build and improve relationships with your customers by giving them what they want.

And, of course, we will look at different ways you can use to generate income from your site.

Students will receive a handout detailing the main points covered during the day and throughout the course there's plenty of time to ask questions.

So, if you're almost ready to take the plunge or if you just want to dip your toes in the water and find out what internet business is all about ... come and join us for the Web to Success Online Business Basics seminar.

Contact me for course schedules or to book your place.