Learn HTML Basics
Basic HTML Code for Beginners

Everyone can learn HTML basics and this page is for the non-techies who keep losing their crib sheets. Because there are times when you don't want - or need - to read a book to finish what you're doing.

Most of the information in this section started life as my personal crib sheet of basic HTML code, having bits added to it whenever I needed something extra. This is very basic HTML code, dealing with simple tasks like formatting text, or adding images, tables and links. It will help you if you're just starting out to learn the basics of HTML.

If you want to learn HTML basics in a little more detail, or really get into HTML proper, there are a few really good books out there.

Alternatively, there are some equally good online guides, but remember what the quote says about getting information off the internet. Most likely, you'll come to several hours later reading a website about holidays in the Phillippines, with no idea how you got there!

But if you just want to look up how to construct a table or a bulleted list, add an image to a page or turn an image into a link, then check out these HTML Basics first.

You can learn HTML basics as you need them, or sit down and master them in a day. But there's more to building a website than knowing basic HTML code. Find out more.