Technical SEO for Small Business

You have a local business. You have a website. You want customers to find you. You want to publicise your products and services. You want to generate leads, and sales. You want to create extra income for your business. Should you SEO? Well… Yes!

Despite what you may have read or heard, SEO is not complicated. Neither does it need to be costly.

Technical SEO describes a series of simple actions you take to make your website more visible online, to attract visitors to your site and to turn those visitors into customers. In this half-taught, half hands-on workshop seminar I can teach you the principles of good technical SEO and how to apply them to your website.

Who is this Workshop for?

Individuals and business owners who want to understand the principles of SEO and give their websites more exposure by making sure each page on their site promotes their business in the most effective way.

What You Will Learn

  • How keywords connect your business to potential and existing clients
  • How and why Google ranks websites
  • How consistent technical SEO helps both Google and potential clients
  • How and why bad SEO can damage your business
  • How to code your pages using onpage and offpage criteria, meta tags, links and images.
  • How to make sure your local business is seen in local search

SEO Seminar Details

This 3-hour workshop is half taught, half hands-on.

The theory is covered in a classroom-style presentation, followed by a 2 hour workshop session where you practice applying what you've just learned to your own website.

Please bring your laptop and logon details to your website's admin panel. Class sizes are limited so that I can give every student the attention they need.

If you own a business and look after your own business website, you should attend the SEO seminar. You will leave with a basic understanding of SEO techniques - and a checklist that will help you improve your business website!

Contact me for course schedules or to book your place.