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Most people use the web to find information. And often, that information can be hard to find, buried in thousands of similar pages.

That's why I've added the Web to Success sitemap. It's a guided tour of all the information you can find on the site, arranged in sections.

Pick the section you're after, and you're away.

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Site Pages

All the basic information about the Web to Success site is here. Services we offer, disclosures and how to contact us....


Information about college courses, online courses, DIY courses and 1:1 tuition. Read our FAQ to find answers to your most common questions or consider where to go from here...

  • Learn: Building an online business is a skill. Here are all the options how you can learn how to do it.

  • The One Day Course: The perfect starting point if you want to learn how to do business on the internet.

  • The 10-week Business Builder: Start with nothing, graduate with a running online business. From research to monetisation I handhold you through the whole process.

  • SBI e-learning: Cannot make it to college? The online business building course is also available through SBI e-learning.

  • Business Building DIY style: More comfortable learning at your own pace? Here's your option. Just follow the Action Guide and see your business succeed.

  • 1:1 Tuition: Want to work at your own pace but with a bit of direct help and support? Maybe 1:1 tuition is for you....

  • Continue the Journey: Even if you're well on your way to online business success, you sometimes need a little help and encouragement. This is where you can find it.

  • Business Building FAQ: You know you want to build an online business, but you're still just a little bit unsure if you can do it. Many others have been there before you and here are the questions I get asked most often....and the answers, of course.


Many online businesses fail through ignorance. They don't understand what it means to do business on the net. They don't plan. They don't research. They don't consider how it will change their lives if they work for themselves, by themselves.

Don't make the same mistake. Check out the articles in this section for help and advice.

  • Why Start a Business Online? Rather than "just" start a business, you could actually start a business online. So what are the benefits of an online business over a traditional one?

  • How to Quit Your Job: Quitting your job to become your own boss and do what you love does not have to be the scary, one-or-nothing step that many people fear it to be. You can actually begin building an online business in your spare time and not quit the paychecks until you are ready...

  • How to do Business Online: How does offline business differ from online business? And why does it matter?

  • Why Content is King: Why the success of your online business depends on more than just the products and services you offer.

  • Why Businesses Fail: It's a well-known fact that many online businesses fail or simply never really get started. But do you know why? And how to stop your online business from becoming just another statistic?

  • Why Businesses Succeed: The partner article to Why Businesses Fail, this one considers what to do to be successful.

  • Tips for Starting a Business: Now it's getting serious. Here are some tried and trusted ideas and tips to make your transition to online entrepreneur as painless as possible.

    • Do You Have a Head for Business? You may have the desire to run your own business, you may have an idea or even the perfect product, but do you have the temperament to be successful in business?

    • Business Plan How To: It does not need to be a well-written tome of many pages, but if you're thinking of starting your own business, you should write a busines plan. It simply helps you figure out where you're going.

    • Creating a Home Office: Work anytime, anywhere? Some people can, but setting aside a little space for a home office can make you more productive and improve your work-life balance.

    • How to Dress for Business: If you've suffered for years from corporate uniforms and dress-down Fridays, then working from home may seem like heaven. Just consider these points first...

    • Dealing with Loneliness: Is it possible to miss office politics? If you start working from home you can easily feel cut off from everything. Make a plan for dealing with loneliness before it affects your business.

    • Keeping Your Focus: Starting a business can be exciting. Running it can be a slog. Do what your boss does: offer incentives to ensure you stay focussed and motivated.

  • How to Find the Right Online Business for you: If you think that you need to have a product to sell to have an online business, then this article may interest you. Business on the internet is about much more than just selling stuff.


Building an online business is about much more than just putting up a website... even though we teach that too. But if you take a look, you'll see many other related topics that will help you along your journey.

  • Choosing the Right Niche: Your first, and most fundamental, decision - what should my business be about?

  • Keyword Research: The beginnings of the magic of internet business. Find and select the right keywords, and you're well on your way.

  • Blueprinting: How to make sense of your keyword research and build a solid framework for a successful online business.

  • How to Define Your Business: Take your research a step further. Analyse your future customers and how to approach them.

  • How to Name Your Business: One of the most exciting challenges for a new business owner - giving a name to your creation. Do this with care and consideration and follow some basic rules to give your 'baby' a good start in life.

  • How to Build a Website: Finally! It seems a long way down the list, but the planning will pay for itself. Now consider hosts, templates, layouts, navigation, images and other tools.

  • Building Content: Here you can read about researching page topics and using the right keywords. We'll also discuss how to deal with copyright and plagiarism.


Once you've built your online business, you need to take steps to grow it. This section looks at branding, advertising, social media marketing and other ways to promote your business. We also consider tried and trusted link building strategies, outsourcing and finding and evaluation other businesses to partner with.

  • Working the Search Engines: How to make the most of Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and the way they can help your business grow.

  • Statistics: Most people hate looking at numbers. But if you're running an online business, some numbers can tell you interesting stories. Here are some that are worth looking at.

  • Link Building Strategies: The single most valuable task you can do to make your business grow. The why, what and how of link building.

  • Social Media Marketing: How Twitter, Facebook et al can help you to grow your business...

  • Building Relationships: Why customer service is important. Why you need a newsletter and why businesses should blog to grow...


This is where we're discussing the best ways to turn your online business into a valuable income stream. Affiliate programs, hard goods, e-goods, referrals, info publishing, advertising and net auctions are all here.

  • Earning Options: You don't need to have a product to sell to earn money online. Here's an introduction to other available earning options.

  • Google Adsense: Many online businesses start right here. Find out how you can make money with Google Adsense.

  • Affiliate Programs: Affiliate programs are a good way for beginning online entrepreneurs to dip their toes into the water. But how do they actually work?


The resources section is a basket for all sorts of useful stuff that I come across in my own online business journey. Usually they're products, tips and tricks that I think will benefit others just as they have helped me. Or tools that I simply cannot do without.

  • Internet Entrepreneur Resources: Your guide to all the goodies in this section...

  • HTML Basics: Part of my own cribsheet, this section will be useful to you as you're just starting out and have no idea what HTML stands for or why you should care. It's very basic.

  • How to Find Images for Websites: Websites need images; sometimes hundreds of them. But you can't just go around 'borrowing' from others. Here's a list of places where you can find website images quickly, easily and sometimes even for free.

  • Free Online Business e-books: E-books are cool. They're environmentally friendly, quick to download, full of great information and often also free. Here are some of my favourites.

    • The Affiliate Masters Course: This is the guide book that every budding affiliate marketer should read. And it's free...

    • The WAHM-IT! Masters Course: The internet has revolutionised the way many moms run their lives (and their businesses). If you're still searching for the perfect formula, check out this book.

Survival Skills

Nobody said that building an online business was easy. And there will be times when you struggle to motivate yourself, when you're impatient for resutls or when you feel overwhelmed. And while it's perfectly normal to feel this way from time to time, it's not a nice way to feel. So here I've selected books, tapes and activities to help you move forward and continue to build a successful online business.

  • Overcoming Fear of Failure: Often, we don't start a project, just because we're afraid to fail. The dearer the project is to our hearts, the more likely this is to happen. But there are ways to deal with this fear.

  • Setting Goals: Did you know that if you set realistic goals, you have a much better chance to achieve them?

  • Believe in Yourself: Self-belief is very important for success. And it is something you can learn.

  • Motivation and Focus: There are days when you just need a little extra boost of motivation and a little more focus to carry on.

  • Perseverance: Why some people quit and others carry on and succeed. And what to do to make sure you're in the latter group.

  • Overcoming Obstacles: Henry Ford once said that obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goals. And he was right.

  • Dealing with Impatience: When things don't seem to move fast enough and you try to rush, there's a good chance that you'll trip over your own feet or overlook a wonderful opportunity.

  • Promote Your Business: If you've spent time and effort building your business, then it has to be worth promoting - even if you're not a natural sales person and PR work takes you right out of your comfort zone.

I hope you enjoyed your exploration of the information and help Web to Success has to offer you on your journey to online business success.
If there's something missing, please tell me so and I'll do my best to add it.

Now, return to the Web to Success home page for more online business building help.

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