HTML Image Link
Turning an Image into a Link

Turning an image into a link is a very useful trick to have in your box of basic HTML code. A HTML image link is immensely helpful on any number of occasions, whether you want to brighten up your newsletter signup page, create a photo album or recommend a product for a partner merchant.

Turning an image into a link just means that the image works like a button. When your site visitor clicks on the image, it takes them where you want them to go. And once you've added images to your site and created text links, turning an image into a link is a piece of cake.

All you need to do is take a standard link template and replace the link text with image code. So the final code should look something like this:

<a href=><img src= border="0"></a>

Just replace the website address, file name and image file name in the template with your own, and you should be well underway.

The border tag stops the picture from having an outline (similar to the underline of a text link). If you want the outline to show, to make it very clear that the image is a link, then just remove the tag.

Also, remember to put the </a> tag at the end of the whole line to close the link.

And that's it ... image successfully turned into a link!

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