Why Businesses Succeed Online

Despite a lot of negativity, the internet abounds with success stories: online businesses that generate huge numbers of traffic without spending a penny on advertising, business websites that generate leads and income and are effective marketing tools. These are the examples we need to look at if we want to know why businesses succeed online.

When you consider successful online businesses, you'll find that they're not just big brand companies with huge budgets. On the contrary, many small businesses - dentists, real-estate brokers, party planners, debt councillors and ordinary people with a hobby - do much better online than big corporate entities.

What all these businesses have in common is their approach. They truly understand how business on the internet really works and they apply that knowledge to the way they do business online.

So let's look at three reasons why businesses succeed online:

Web to Success: Why Businesses Succeed Online

High-quality, Relevant Information

Rather than just promote their company and its products and services, successful businesses provide high-quality, relevant information.

These businesses have studied their potential customers and their needs. They know what problems their customers face, what information they need to overcome them. And they make sure to provide that information in an easily-accessible format.


Businesses that succeed online overdeliver on their visitors expectations. By sharing their passion for their business, by demonstrating their expertise and by focussing on their visitors' benefits, these busineses provide more than information.

They provide advice, guidance and recommendations that their customers consider useful. Thus they become a trusted source of information and are consulted again and again.

Exemplary Customer Service

Here's something else that successful businesses have in common: they keep their visitors and customers uppermost in their minds.

Their customers always come first. They respond promptly to enquiries. They handle problems in a courteous manner. They make sure that the business website can be navigated quickly, that information is easy to find and that there is a clearly defined path through the site, guiding visitors from the information they need to information that may be useful.

So, three reasons why businesses succeed online: high-quality, relevant information, overdelivering on your visitors expectation and top-class customer service.  Implement these and join the ever-growing list of businesses that succed online. Ready to give it a go?

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