How to Grow Your Business

Growing your business is a challenge. It’s not just about finding new clients, it’s about keeping in touch with existing and former clients, too. You need to keep on top of changes in your industry that could affect you, keep an eye on any new regulations, develop new products and services, forge alliances ... and suddenly there no longer are enough hours in the day.

Enter the internet.

Far from being yet another task you have to add to the never-ending list, the web can actually help you work smarter, especially when it comes to communication and engagement. So, in this section of the site you can find hints, tips and ideas on how to grow your business using the internet.

Why You Need a Newsletter

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Here we'll discuss the power of newsletters and why they can be enormously helpful keeping in touch with your existing clients. Creating your own newsletter can be daunting, but we show you some tried and tested methods you can follow until you're more comfortable with this task. We look at creating demand with email newsletters, and how this can benefit you when it's time to introduce new products and services. And we'll collect newsletter ideas and talk about advertising in newsletters.


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Everybody and their dog seems to have a blog these days and many have few readers and are little more than opinionated rants. So, are blogs last year's fad and fashion or can they make a valid contribution when you consider how to grow your business? As usual, the answer is "...when done right", and we'll share the best and most effective blogging techniques with you.

Social Media Marketing

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Social media has really taken off in the last couple of years and you should not neglect the power of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social platforms when planning how to grow your business. Social media is a smart way to reach large numbers of new customers, while keeping in touch with existing ones and we'll show you the best ways to make sure your message is heard.

Testimonials and Customer Reviews

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Customers often buy products or services based on recommendations from friends and family. Testimonials are an especially tool for small, local businesses, but often they're not even considered or included in the business development plan. Check out this section to learn how to grow your business using testimonials and customer reviews - you know it makes sense!

Growing your business is all about attracting new customers while looking after your existing ones. And if you follow the advice,tips and techniques in this section of the site - which comes from people in the exact same situation, after all - then you'll find that how to grow your business will no longer be a tricky question. You never know, you might even be the next local business owner sharing their experiences with all of us!

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