Why Content is King

Every minute of every day millions of people search the web for information. After all, information is what the internet is all about. And if you want your website to be found and visited, then providing precisely what people are looking for seems a no-brainer.

Still, many webmasters and online businesses try to ignore the fact that the internet is predominantly about information. They put up a shop window full of merchandise and expect visitors to roll in and buy. More often than not, they’re disappointed. Their sites draw few visitors and hardly anyone buys. Then the recriminations start: the internet doesn’t work, it was stupid idea, only a genius or a crook can make money online….

Fortunately, you don’t have to go there. The internet is a huge marketplace. Play by its rules and you’ll succeed.

So let’s look in a little more detail at why content is king. What can your business achieve by providing unique, informative content on its website?

Web to Success Business Basics: Why Content is King

Attract Visitors

Since most people search the web for information, providing that information is the surest way of attracting targeted traffic to your business website.

If you use exactly the same phrases in your text that your visitors use to search for information, the search engines will match you speedily enough.

Show Expertise

By providing high-quality content that’s relevant to the topic of your site you do more than just attract interested visitors. It’s an easy, straightforward way to show your visitors that you have a thorough grasp of your subject – that you know what you are talking about. Your specialist knowledge will set you apart from your competitors and offer that little bit extra that makes such a difference to business success.

Share Your Passion

You would not run a business if you were not passionate about it. Just as you would not sell a product or offer a service you did not believe to be the best on the market. Passion is a vital ingredient in an successful business, but how get your passion across to someone you’ll never meet?

Another reason why content is king: your passion will show in the way you talk about your business, your products and the services you offer. Without content on your site, nobody will ever know what drives you. Add content and your words will speak for you…

Build Trust

One of the most commonly overlooked aspects of business on the internet is the fact that your visitors have no reason to buy from you. They don’t know you. They’ve never spoken to you. They’ll never meet you. They don’t know if your product is any better than any other product.

In short, they’ve no reason to trust you.

But, they’ve no reason NOT to trust you, either – and that’s another good example why content is king. Use the information on your site to show your visitors who you are, how you care and why you care and the result is… trust. Content is the best way to show your site visitors that they’re important to you – by answering their queries, by giving information.

So these are the main reasons why content is king in online business success. It brings visitors to your business by providing the information they seek. It gives them reasons why your products and services are worth a second look. And it shows that you're genuine and passionate about your business - that you can be trusted.

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