Creating an Online Business
Frequently Asked Questions

Creating an online business raises many questions; before, during and after you've taken the plunge and enrolled on a course or begun working on your site. Asking questions is a perfectly normal part of the decision-making process, so please don't feel embarrassed that you've selected this page.

How can you find out if creating an online business is right thing for you to do, if you don't ask questions?

I'm sure you ask questions when you're buying shoes or a new washing machine. You wouldn't think about buying a car without finding out if it can accommodate all your family and its gear. And I'm very sure you'd be asking a lot of questions if you were planning to hire a builder or someone to landscape your garden.

So do you really want to miss out on so exciting and lucrative an opportunity as creating an online business, just because you lack the answer to a single question?

Thought so!

I'm not clever with computers.
Can I really build an online business?

Can I ask one back?

Can you surf the web? Do you know how to email? ... Then you'll be just fine for getting started. You need to have access to a computer and the internet, so you can do your homework and build your business. You should probably also plan in a little extra time to get comfortable with the tools I show you how to use. And you should expect to feel a little overwhelmed at first - but that will pass.

Apart from that ... yes, I can teach you to build a successful online business. And if you're still worried, or want to ask more specific questions, then please mail me your questions.

I'm not comfortable about the 'tech' stuff!

I'm not a computer wizard either, but that hasn't stopped me. If you follow the right business plan you don't need to be. As long as you choose a suite of tools that takes care of all the 'tech stuff' and ask for help when you need it, your lack of computer skills need not stop you from creating an online business.

The good thing about our course is that you don't need to bring anything but your enthusiasm, motivation and desire to succeed. We give you every single tool you need to do just that - succeed. No surprise that many students consider this course a business in a box.

I want to do the course.
Do I need to have an idea for a business?

Not at all. It helps speed things up if you already have an idea for creating an online business, but don't let it worry you if you don't. You will learn how to find a suitable concept for your business and how to research it properly. And if you bring any ideas to class, please be prepared to throw them out if your research shows that they are not suitable.

Creating an online business is all about recognising what your visitors may (or may not) want. And as long as you keep that in mind, you'll be fine.

I can't write!

You can talk, can't you? Just imagine you're telling a friend about your business, then write down what you say. If you're really worried about this then simply tape your conversation, then copy it leaving out all the embarrassing hmms and ahems. Many people work this way and you know what? their writing sounds genuine and lively.

Site Build It! - the business building tool for creating an online business - will take care of the rest, making sure your writing pleases spiders and bots just as much as your human visitors. (And if you've no idea what spiders and bots are, don't worry. Once you finish the course you will have!)

Creating an online business sounds like a lot of work!

Yes, it does. And yes, it is! I'm sorry, but I cannot offer you many shortcuts. You're thinkin about creating an online business, remember? And that's a bit like building a house. You cannot move in until you've spent the time and effort building it. In fact, the more time and effort you can put into your business, the faster you'll see results.

And if you only have a few hours a week? Then you can still build a successful business, but it will take a little longer to reap the rewards.

I have nothing to sell!

Creating an online business does not mean you have to sell ... things. It may seem as if the web is about shopping and buying and selling goods, but - much more than that - it's about exchanging information.

So, do you have a hobby? Are you passionate about anything? Do you have opinions?

You don't need to be an inventor or own a warehouse full of goods to benefit from the internet. The world wide web is just as much about sharing information as it is about selling fridge freezers.

If you have a passion ... share it! If you have an opinion ... share it! And yes of course, you can sell freezers.

Do you have a question that's not listed here? Easy!

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