Why Start a Business Online?

Many people dream of starting a business. And with the growth and expansion of the internet, more and more people dream of starting a business online. According to a recent survey, 73% of all U.S. American households think of starting an online business. If the question were asked in the UK, I suppose the result would be similar. And as the internet expands, more and more people across the globe join in this dream.

So why start a business online? What is it about the internet that intrigues so many of us, that makes us wonder how to quit our job, to become our own boss … to start a business?

The answers indicate that we crave more control over our lives. We also want to create additional income, get out of debt, stop commuting, spend more time with our families, work when it suits us and do a job we love.

But can an online business do all that? Or are our expectations way too high?

Web to Success Business Basics: Why Start a Business Online

Why Start a Business Online?

An online business has many advantages over a conventional, bricks-and-mortar business. You can start it while still in full-time employment and grow it until you’re ready to quit your job. Start-up costs are low. You don’t need to develop a product or service to get started. You can grow it as quickly or as slowly as your time allows. And you can add additional income streams when you and your business are ready for it.

So, in this section of the site we answer the question ‘why start a business online?’ and consider the best ways to do it. Find out

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So, Why Start a Business Online?

There are countless good reasons why you’d want to start your own business online. Some only you will know. Others I've mentioned above. Throughout your journey - if you choose to take the plunge - you may need a little help now and then. And I hope the resources in this section will help you succeed.

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