Keyword Research Service

How do you choose the keywords for your business website?

Many businesses do it by writing down words and phrases that describe their products and services - and that's a good start. But how do you know they are the right keywords for your business? And is there even such a thing as a right keyword? Or a wrong one?

Are You Using the Right Keywords for Your Business?

The right keyword clearly describes your business and its products and services. The right keyword is one that your potential customers use to look for your products and services.  The right keyword will have enough demand to generate traffic, but not so much competition that your site never sees the top of the search results.  The right keyword will also tell the search engines about your business - clearly and precisely.

Using the right keyword will bring targeted traffic to your site, visitors who have expressed an interest - by searching - for exactly what your business offers.

And the wrong keyword?

Using keywords that are too generic, don't accurately describe your business, have too little demand and/or too much competition mean just one thing: no traffic. You'll have a website, but no interested visitors, no potential customers. And there's no need to do that to your business.

Because Your Business is Worth It!

Using the right keywords on your business website will connect you with potential customers, with people who are looking for your products and services right now.

Our keyword research service will provide you with a list of keywords that are just right for your business, your products and your services.  And the list of search terms and phrases our keyword research service generates does even more than that. It will show you:

  • what information is in demand right now, allowing you to create web content and blog posts that attract even more interested visitors to your site

  • gaps in your site content, allowing you to add just the information your customers are looking for - showing you know and love what you do.

And almost as the icing on the cake, your keyword list can even give you ideas for new products and services. After all, keywords tell you what your customers really want...

A Keyword Research Service Tailored to Your Business

Keyword research isn't just about knowing how to find keywords. It's actually more about knowing how to choose keywords that are exactly right for your business.

How do I do that? With a bit of imagination, a bit of math and ... a keyword research service tailored to you. Its no help at all, knowing the answers to the wrong questions. So the first thing I do is get to know you, your business and your goals.

If shoes are your passion, I'd want to find out whether they're pumps or trainers, new or vintage, standard or outsize. I'd want to know if you're selling offline. If you go to trade shows. If you repair shoes. Who wears your shoes. How many pairs they own. How often they buy new ones...

Your answers are the starting point for the keyword search, and my imagination will help me branch out. Then comes the math bit, analysing demand and supply, the chances of 'winning' for this keyword.

Finally, the most important step: once I've found the mathematically best possible keywords, you get to choose which ones feel just right to you. After all, it's your business - so you'll know best if the shoe fits or not.

So, in a nutshell, that's what I do. Our keyword research service is a useful tool, whether you're starting your website, want to improve it, or want to expand your business.

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