Opportunities are Priceless

I worked in the semiconductor industry for over 10 years and - being the boom and bust industry it is - we had repeated rounds of layoffs and redundancies. Just the threat of redundancy can be scary. From one moment to the next you put your life on hold, stop booking holidays or holding off on much needed home improvement projects.

The company would offer guidance to staff affected by the cuts on anything from the benefits situation to job hunting skills. The outplacement consultants I met over the years were invariably helpful and supportive, but only the very last one even considered talking about self-employment. And none of them ever mentioned online business as a means to make a living.

Opportunities are priceless, but to make use of them you first have to know they exist.

Opportunities are priceless | Web to Success

Which is very much how Web to Success was born, all the way back in 2009. I was looking for an alternative to traditional employment. An alternative that allowed me to earn a sufficient income doing something I loved. Once I'd found it, I started sharing what I had learned. And when you take a closer look, you can see that an online business has a lot going for it:

  • startup costs are low
  • overheads are low
  • it can be about anything you love or can think of
  • you can start building your business in your spare time, in your bedroom, your pyjamas
  • it's totally scaleable
  • and given the size of the internet the income potential is excellent

So why don't more people eagerly grasp the opportunity to build their own online business?

Many don't know it can be done. We're so used to every business having a website, we've lost sight of the fact that the website can BE the business. And many of us are so used to traditional employment, that we don't consider striking out on our own. Once the spark is lit, though, and we know it CAN be done, we're an unstoppable force.

Since I started my own online business in 2007 - as a sideline to my engineering day job - I have met many amazing people. I've met a poet who was recovering from a long, debilitating illness and wanted to build an online business to help others in similar situations. I've met a mum of four who wanted to spend more time with her children. I've met an artisan brewer who wanted to share everything he'd ever learned about making beer. I've met a dad who brought his son to the class with him and a management consultant with a fierce mind for numbers who finally let his heart decide what his business would be about.

So if you ever wonder what I do - this is it. I shine a spotlight on opportunities. I build doors. I get people thinking about more than just getting up and going to work to earn a living. I help local businesses turn their passion and knowledge into additional kudos and income.

I teach online business building.

For you, for my clients, the learning is not the beginning of the journey. Before you start learning, before you even know you might need my help, you need to find the spark, the inspiration that gets you moving. You need to realise what CAN be done. And that's why I think that HR consultants and outplacement consultants should consider offering guidance on online business alongside benefits and job hunting skills. Because once you realise the opportunities are there, you'll be one step closer to knowing if they're something that inspires you.

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