Creating an Online Business
Course Details of the 10-week Online Business Course

Creating an Online Business is a 10-week complete online business course that takes you from your initial business idea right to an up-and-running online business.

These are the course details for the 10-week course. If taught as part of a college's adult education programme, this course stretches over one or two terms, depending on the college's schedule.

Outside of college, the actual course schedule is tailored to the students' requirements and circumstances. This option is particularly suited to existing businesses wanting to develop an online presence.

Please contact me to discuss your requirements if you are interested in this option.

Course Details

Lesson 1

Creating an online business starts with knowing the basics. In lesson one, you will explore online business basics and understand how these benefit the online business owner. You'll understand “PREselling” (vs. “selling”) -- the Content Traffic PREsell Monetize concept. And we will look at success examples and discuss the mindset you need as an online entrepreneur.

Lesson 2

Today we'll brainstorm business ideas and look at different types of online businesses. We will discuss building on an existing business as well as a passion/hobby/experience to find the perfect concept for your online business.

Lesson 3

This lesson lays the foundation for your future business success! We conduct precise online market research using lateral and vertical brainstorming before analysing supply and demand. And we develop the blueprint for your business site.

Lesson 4

Is your business idea able to generate income? In lesson 4 we investigate and plan monetisation options based on your site blueprint. We look at different monetisation models and assess which are most appropriate for your business. You will develop an outline for your site's monetisation mix.

Lesson 5

The fun starts here! Today we're naming your baby! You will define your voice and select an effective domain name. Learn to search available names and register your online business.

Lesson 6

What is your site going to look like? Today you will choose an appropriate site look and feel. You will build your homepage and begin writing content based on your site blueprint.

Lesson 7

Lesson 7 will see you well on the way to creating a an online business. We add more pages, learn about adding images and discuss the importance of links. You'll also learn how to make sure your site is found by the search engines.

Lesson 8

Working from your site blueprint, you will develop more original site content. But creating an online business is all about building relationships with your visitors, and we will consider methods to do this during lesson 8. We will also build an e-zine and subscription forms.

Lesson 9

More content and more relationships, which are your lifeblood when creating an online business. We analyse your site traffic. What does it tell you about your visitors? You will create your very own blog and learn about site blogging.

Lesson 10

Today we're revisiting the monetisation mix plan you created in Lesson 4. We analyse its validity and refine it, based on your blueprint and the work you've done since lesson 4.

Celebrate Success!

Sounds like a lot of work? It is, but the rewards are astonishing. If you ever wanted to change your life, here's your chance. You won't be the last person to try your hand, and you're certainly not the first. We've filmed the 'graduation' ceremony of one of the recent classes.... don't you wish you could join in?