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Courses, Seminars and Workshops for Local Businesses

Would you buy a car without knowing how to drive or without employing a full-time chauffeur? Or would you consider it a waste of money?

By the same token, should you take your business online without even trying to learn internet marketing? It's not rocket science, but if you want to play successfully, you should know the rules.

Web to Success seminars, courses and workshops have been designed especially for local business owners. They're packed full of useful information, regularly upated, and let you apply what you've learned to your own business without delay.

Seminars for Local Business

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Your to-do-list is as long as your arm and there are only so many hours in the day. We know what that feels like, so our seminars are 3 hours long, free of jargon and tightly focussed on a single topic. With us you will learn internet marketing in easy-to-swallow bites, whether it's online business basics, SEO, social media marketing or monetisation planning.

Learn Internet Marketing: Online business classes

Online Business Courses

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If you're serious about creating an online business from scratch or like to follow the whole process from start to finish, then one of our online business courses may be right for you. You start with online business basics before moving on to finding your ideal niche and building your site. You will learn internet marketing techniques and apply them to your business as you progress and you'll finish the course with designing and implementing monetisation strategies.

Learn Internet Marketing: Online business courses

Hands-on Internet Marketing Workshops

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Our workshop series covers many of those annoying 'little' tasks that can take up days if you get stuck! With us, you won't. Spend a hands-on afternoon with us and get set up on social media, SEO the first pages from your site, analyse your traffic, plan monetisation strategies or research keywords - all with a helping hand just a couple of steps away. It's an afternoon well spent (and another item off your to-do-list!)

Learn Internet Marketing: Internet marketing workshop series


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If you're determined to do it yourself, but would really like someone to hold your hand - we also offer tuition. Tuition is precisely tailored to your requirements, personal goals, previous knowledge and project timeframe, so please talk to us to discuss how we can help you.

Learn Internet Marketing: Web to Success Tuition

Web to Success courses, seminars and workshops are a great way for local business owners to learn internet marketing quickly and efficiently. We love to help make your online journey smoother and easier, so if there's a seminar or workshop you would really love to see on the programme, some task that keeps going wrong, then please just ask Dr Sue. If it's about computers, I'm sure I can work it out!

Local Business

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