How to Find a Business That's Just Right for You

Are you dreaming of the perfect online business? Does it exist? And if so - can you learn how to find a business that's just right for you? Can you find that perfect match?

I think you can find an online business that's just right for you - and taking the first step is not as scary as you think. Let me give you an example: Many people don't like to sell. And so they think they can never have an online business, because business on the internet is all about selling things.

How wrong they are!

Yes, you can sell widgets on the internet. But, fortunately, you're not restricted to selling widgets. You can simply 'sell' information. That's sell as in share: your knowledge, your skills, even your memories, your opinions, your passion.

And because you're sharing something you're passionate about with like-minded people, it won't feel like selling at all. In fact, on the net, those who don't sell do best.

The net is all about sharing - so, with income generation in mind - how can you share your knowledge? And does that help you work out how to find a business that's just right for you?

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How to Find a Business That Excites You

First of all, look at yourself. List the things you like, the things you're good at, topics you have opinions about, even things that tick you off...

Now do your research: List all words and phrases that you associate with each topic and check their popularity. Do many people search for these specific keywords? Run your chosen topics through WordTracker, Google's keyword suggestion tool or SBI!'s BrainstormIt! tool to find more popular search phrases.

Select one as your business a topic that you like and that's in demand. (You can find out more about keyword research and niche selection in the Plan Your Site section.

How to Find a Business That Earns You Money

Here you need to consider two things: your competition and the ways you can earn money from your chosen topic.

Check the competition first. How many other sites are out there that cover precisely the same topic that you're planning to build a site about? Are they big, well-known brands? If so, you may have a hard time competing.

Can you differentiate yourself from your competition? Offer different products, extra advice, opinions, suggestions? Do you have a completely different take on the subject? If so, you stand a much better chance to be noticed.

Consider your competition carefully, but don't let it scare you off. There will always be some competition - if there were not you'd have no market.

Next, think about ways your topic could earn money. You don't have to sell products to make money online. Providing quality information, expressing opinions and offering solutions to common problems can be just as lucrative. Consider the following options to earn money from your chosen topic:

  • Google Adsense or other third party advertising.
    With Google, you earn money whenever a visitor clicks on one of the ads displayed on your site. Though Google Adsense is the largest, you can display third party advertising from other advertising networks in the same way. Alternatively, you could earn money from site sponsorship or private advertisers.

  • join an affiliate program and recommend other merchants' products to your visitors. Earn a commission if one of the visitors you've referred buys that product, fills in a survey or clicks on a link.

  • offer electronic products - such as e-books, mp3s or videos - that you have either created yourself or that you promote on behalf of another merchant.

  • act as agent for other businesses and promote their product or service. Earn referrer or finder fees when you refer customers.

  • Promote your own services to local and international customers.

  • If you love ebay, use your well-trafficked site to maximise income from your internet auction business

How to Find a Business That's Just Right?

Finding a business that's perfect for you will take time and some brainpower, but if you follow the steps above, you should be able to narrow it down. The most important point when considering how to find a business is to ensure that the topic really excites you. It's a business you're building. It will be with you for a very long time. And if you love what you're doing, it won't feel like work.

If you need advice, training, or an extra pair of hands - please check out my services page to see how I help other businesses.