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Do you love rummage sales? Are you happiest in a warehouse stuffed to the rafters with all manner of goods, picking this, discarding that - until you finally find that one perfect item?

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If that's you, then maybe you shouldn't keep reading. Because sorry I'm to say it, but most people like a little more order in their lives.

And when they're looking for information - maybe under pressure to make a decision - they expect and want A LOT more order. Especially on a business website.

Visitors don't want to hunt around for a snippet of this and a smidgen of that. They don't want to piece together what your product does from four different sources they have to pick out from hundreds of pages on your site.

Instead, they want to see it laid out for them, neatly and orderly like a heart surgeon's instrument tray. One move - and they hold exactly what they were looking for.

Creating Order from Chaos

That's what blueprinting is all about: taking the chaos of your well-stocked keyword list and all the content already on your site and turning it into the order of a neatly laid-out, easy-to-navigate business website.

It's one of the most powerful content development tools you can use... and you don't even need to buy software!

Dr Sue's Blueprint helps you arrange your site's content in a way that's most attractive to your vistitors.

Your site blueprint can take many forms: a neatly completed spreadsheet, a whiteboard with post-it notes, a roll of wallpaper on the office floor, or a mindmap built using your favourite mindmapping tool. Blueprinting, the way we do it, is one of the most flexible content development tools. We'll use whatever works best for you, what helps you translate your business into a website.

What You Get Out of Blueprinting

Happy visitors, for one. Visitors who

  • will find quickly and easily what they're looking for
  • can see that you care about their needs
  • realise that you're someone who knows their stuff and is happy to share it
  • trust you
  • are more inclined to turn into happy customers

But there's more. Using blueprinting as one of your content development tools doesn't just bring benefits to your visitors. It helps you, too.

After you've built your blueprint, you won't have to worry what your next content page or blog post should be. Neither will you have to wonder where they'll fit into the structure of your site. All you have to do is seelct the next bit of information your visitors crave, turn it into a page and share it.

Depending on the size of your site, a blueprinting session takes from a couple of hours to a couple of days. Time well spent for a site that will generate business for you for years to come.

So, why not give me a call? Or drop me a line?.

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