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If you own a business you rarely have enough time to keep up with all the things you want to do. Or even with the things you should do, especially when it's something you're not sure about - like online business, internet marketing or social media.

That's why we've created our Onlines Business Classes, a series of short, half-day seminars aimed at local business owners in Northampton, Towcester, Milton Keynes and Banbury.

Are you planning to take your business online? Do you want your website to perform better? Are you looking for additional income streams for your business? Or do you want to find out how Facebook and Twitter can benefit your business? - Our friendly, informative seminars cover all of those topics and more.

Online Business Basics: The Beginners Course

There's more to an online business than just having a website. If you're an online business novice, this is one of the online business classes you should attend. We discuss the nuts and bolts of doing business on the web - from selling information to selling on ebay, from hard goods to ebooks, from marketing options to income streams.

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SEO for Small Business

SEO is neither witchcraft,nor rocket science. It cannot make pigs fly, or your garden grow. But it can give your business website the best possible chance of attracting your customers. How it does this - and how you can use the same principles for your business, this you will learn in this seminar.

seo for small business

Site Blueprinting: Making Order from Chaos

A drawer full of multi-coloured socks, no lights and you're running late. How good are your chances that you'll make the perfect first impression? And am I talking about you - or your business website? At least, you can smile apologetically.

Learn how to make it easy for your customers to find what they want - your products! - and let your business make the impression it deserves.

Because That's Where the Money Is...

Willie Sutton answered when asked why he robbed banks. And it seems a sensible course of action. Not the robbing of banks, of course ...

But do you actually know where the world wide web keeps its dosh? And how many different options you have to generate income from your business website? Well, after this seminar, you will.

And there you have it. The current list of Online Business Classes from Web to Success. There will be more in the future (and please feel free to make requests!), but they'll all be short-ish and to the point.

We won't waste your time - all seminars are approx. 3 hours long. We won't baffle you with science and jargon - we have a whole web full of real-life examples out there! And we'll try our best to answer all your questions. So, why not join us for the next of our Online Business Classes?

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