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Monetisation – earning money with your website, blog and social media – is a topic so close to my heart that I run workshops and courses about it and hand out monetization tips to anyone who asks. And as much as I love seeing students leave the course full of enthusiasm and ideas, I really hate catching up with them a couple of months later to find that their enthusiasm has been crushed under a huge to-do-list, and the monetisation plans have turned into just another chore.

I believe that we all deserve to get the best possible return for working as hard as we do. I also believe in baby steps – especially in online marketing. And if I’ve learned anything from being an Athena member, it’s that a bunch of supportive people around a table generate an amazing amount of motivation.

Which I why I started Coffee Break Champions – a monetisation buddy system, designed to keep all of us sane, on track and moving forward with our monetization plans. Coffee Break Champions breaks monetisation down into baby steps, small tasks that you can accomplish during your coffee break. And each Monday morning you’ll find a new task for the coming week in your inbox.

I’d also like to turn Coffee Break Champions into a place where we can ask questions, vent frustrations, celebrate success and share monetization tips with each other.

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Monetization Tips for Your Coffee Break

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  • Lightbulb Moments: Or Why it's good to have a plan

  • Shouting in the Dark? No Way.

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