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Internet entrepreneur resources is planned as a big goody-bag full of business tips, tech tricks and products that I've discovered (or had recommended to me) while working on my own sites and have found helpful.

SBI! Toolset

When building your own business - online or offline - nothing is more costly than your time.

When I started I only had evenings and weekends to work on my site and everything that made this process smoother, that saved me time, effort and brain cells, was valuable.

So as I find time and labour saving ideas and products, I'll add them here.

Some are simple enough, little tips I keep handy for when I need them. Others have been real eye-openers for me. Products I cannot imagine doing without now. And some are like old friends you look up every now and then - just to see what's new. Or to check if they're still as good as you remember them!

So check back every now and again to see what I've added, or keep an eye on the blog ... I promise that it will be time well spent.

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Decision-making Tools

Decision-making can be a gut reaction. It can be an art form. Or it can be painfully difficult.

Do you spend lots of time thinking it through before you decide? Do you know instinctively what's right? Do you worry that you don't have enough information? Or is having too much data stopping you from deciding?

Sometimes, we all need a little help. Check out this free little gem called Choose It! and see how much time it can save you.

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Business Building Tools

When I built my first online business, I was amazed how many different tools I needed to do different things: research tools, planning tools, HTML editors, graphic tools, website building tools, traffic building tools ... And not one of those tools talked to any of the others!

That was very different from my day job, looking after the computer system in a semiconductor manufacturing plant, where we aimed to have every tool talk to every other tool without hassle and without the user even noticing.

At the time, I wondered if somewhere out there was an integrated tool that would help me build a business hassle-free and easy.And in 2007 I finally found it.

I've been using it since and - in my book - it beats all others to flinders. It lets me concentrate on building my business, while keeping the tech distractions to a minimum. No need to keep learning new programming languages, new fads and new tools ... It's all taken care of.

On top of that it's stuffed full of features, costs comparatively little and is dead straightforward to use. Read on to find out why I love SBI!

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I Love SBI!

Graphic Tools

I'm a bit graphically challenged, and - as a result - used to waste large amounts of time sorting out really simple things. So I'm always happy if I come across a tool or trick that helps me get a job done without fuss. Strangely enough, some really useful graphic tools are free!

  • image manipulation tools
  • logo creation
  • favicon generators
  • Image mapping software

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