How to Start a Business

Some people are born business people. Others develop the desire to be their own boss slowly over time. Whichever you are, at some point you'll need to learn how to start a business.

Business Basics

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Get the basics right and you're well set on the road to success. Do you have the temperament to be your own boss? Can an online business teach you how to quit your job? And do you know how to do business online? All these and lots of other questions are answered in this section of the site.

How to start a business: business basics

Tips for Starting a Business

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There isn't a hard a fast rule on how to start a business. Most people find their way with a little help from fellow entrepreneurs, business clubs and friends. Still, there are a few business startup tips that keep cropping up: from business planning to setting up a home office to dressing for business when you're working from home. These, and more, are found in the tips section.

How to Start a Business: Tips for Starting a Business

Business Ideas

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An online business is not all about selling goods on the internet. You could build an online presence to complement your exisiting offline business - whether it's local or national.

You could share information, promote other merchants' products, create a warehouse full of 'virtual' goods, offer your services to other surfers or businesses - or you could sell goods.

The options are almost endless. Read through the articles in this section of the site and learn how to find a business that's just right for you.

How to start a business: how to find a business

Planning a Website

Planning a website: it's essential

You might think you've done enough planning at this stage, but planning a website is a vital part in learning how to start a business.

Have you found the right niche for your business? Have you selected the keywords that will bring interested, willing-to-buy visitors to your site? Does your site have a professional feel and does it look appealing? Is it easy to navigate? All these questions will be answered in this part of the site.

How to start a business: planning a website

Hopefully, this section of the site will help you throught some of the early headaches of how to start a business. We can't prepare you for every snag along the way. Neither can we solve every issue you'll ever face. Just as when getting married, there'll be some's just the nature of the beast. What we hope to do, though, is remove some of the confusion and make the process of starting a business just a little less scary.

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