Creating an Online Business
Free Open Evening

Good evening, everyone, Dr Sue here. Come right in - the water's just fine.


Tuesday, 22nd May 2012 6pm


The Colin Sanders Innovation Centre
Mewburn Road, Banbury OX16 9PG

Our open evening is the place to be if you're dreaming of being your own boss, of running an online business from home, but you don't quite know where to begin. We'll discuss everything you wanted to know about creating an online business from scratch, but were afraid to ask.

Who is our Open Evening for?

Anybody who is interested in online business, really. You might be someone who:

  • is looking for a change of career
  • wants to stay home with your children while still earning income
  • wants an alternative to flipping burgers to help make ends meet while at Uni
  • wants to take an existing business online
  • is looking to finance early retirement

Did you know that 70% of households claim that they're thinking about running an online business? And if that's so - why are they only thinking about it?

I believe it's because people have many questions about how online business works, but they don't know whom to ask.

Your Chance to Ask about Online Business

What would you like to know about creating an online business? Here's a small list of questions I've been asked at previous Open Evenings. They might help to get you started.

  • How business on the internet really works
  • How to earn money with a website
  • Do you actually need a website to earn money
  • How much money can you earn
  • What skills do you need
  • What tools should you use
  • Do you need to be a special type of person
  • Do you need to have a product to sell
  • How do you find ideas for an online business

Anything else? Just bring it along and we'll talk about it. That's just the fun of an open evening with Web to Success.

Places are limited, so please let me know you're coming!

I'll send you an online business ebook as a thank you for helping me plan! You can contact me here or catch me on Facebook.

Thank you!

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