The Best Quotations
to Keep You Motivated for Business

I've always been inspired by quotations. I used to collect them and the covers of my school exercise books were decorated with my favourite sayings.

Quotations provide insight, regardless whether you're looking for inspiration or just a few words to cheer you up.

The best quotations do more than inspire, though.

They help you through rough spots, by taking your mind off problems and refocussing you on solutions. They make you look at things you knew in a completely new way. They help you overcome fear and deal with failures. They help you celebrate successes.

Most of all, they can make you smile.

So, whether business is slow or frantic, whether you need inspiration or a shoulder to cry on - take a little TimeOut and refresh your mind with some of my favourite quotations.

  • Business Success Quotations
    Because sometimes it's good to be reminded why businesses succeed.

  • Change Quotations
    Because whatever we might wish - change happens. And we need to do more than deal with it.

  • Computers Quotations
    Because we all need a coffee and a chuckle when things go wrong. (And they will!)

  • Confidence Quotations
    Because without it you'll never do the things you dream about.

  • Courage Quotations
    Because starting an online business can sometimes feel a little scary.

  • Creativity Quotations
    Because running your own business is demanding. And creativity can always do with a little nudge.

  • Excellence Quotations
    Because we all want to be the very best at what we love to do.

  • Online Business Quotations
    Because starting an online business has its own rules and challenges. And rewards.

The best quotations I could find for keeping motivated while building a business... hope you find them as useful as I do.

There's never a shortage of good quotations, though - and any others I find over time, I'll add in here. So keep checking back for a daily sprinkle of inspiration.

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