The Affiliate Masters Course
The Book That Made Me Change My Life

It may sound a bit twee to say this out loud - but in the autumn of 2006, this book changed my life. It changed the way I looked at perfectly ordinary things - like paid employment and hobbies - and it did something not many books can do: it made me change course.

Affiliate Masters Course

Today, I'm busily building my own offline business and spending all my spare time writing its website, from scratch, without being a geek or computer studies graduate.

My first love, and first attempt at making the internet work for me, Essentially England, is growing all the time, and I've even found time to finish a novel I'd been working on for ages and start the next one.

And while all that doesn't quite pay all the bills yet, I can see the time when it WILL.

And all because of a book?


If you're looking for a way to work from home, stop commuting, stop making your boss rich and work for yourself instead, then I recommend you check out this book.

Read it carefully.

It's not a magic bullet. It will not make you rich, beautiful and desirable overnight. But it WILL show you - in great detail and with a trail of breadcrumbs you can follow - how you can earn a living from the internet.

You'll still need to get off your butt and put in the hours - and no skipping tasks and chapters, either - but this book will teach you how to share your passion with others and how to earn a living doing so ... without having to compromise your values and beliefs.

And that's the most anyone can ask of any book.

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Affiliate Masters Course

The Affiliate Masters Course is definitely one of the very best free resources on the web and the one that got me started.

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